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Bluejay Pride Wrestling is a program within BJP-MMA which is dedicated to promoting a love for the sport of wrestling and striving to improve the quality and competitiveness of the sport in our athletes, our community, our state, our country and ultimately, in the world.

The time-tested and proven, systematic and structured training system is administered by professional and certified coaches, and teaches athletes wrestling rules, wrestling moves, and the use of wrestling rules and moves while focusing on discipline and safety. It incorporates only strategies that reflect a standard of fairness to all competitors, and that encourage participation within the letter and spirit of the rules. This system, although ever-evolving, has produce a record number of State, Regional, National and World Champions and placers.

The staff, through the use of the training system, instills in our athletes qualities that will not only help them to become successful and productive in the athletic arena, but also in the schools, in the community, in the job market and in life.

We currently have approximately 11 youth members and 4 adult members who are the focus of training as they are all Nationally ranked in all 3 styles of wrestling, as well as several other related sports.

Bluejay Pride Wrestling Staff

Director/Head Coach & Trainer: Brian Orndorff

Coaches/Trainers: Cole Orndorff, Patrick Kirk, Preston Eaton

Other Coaches/Trainers: John Kane, Chris Shea

Head Administrator: Arceda Orndorff