2004 AAU Grand Nationals

Ethan Selanders, Chris Shea, Coach Marcio White, and Coach Brian Orndorff  recently attended the AAU Grand National Championships in Taylor, Michigan.  Coach White and the wrestlers, in Coach Orndorff's car, picked up Coach Orndorff from his fire station at 6:30 am on June 21.  They left Oklahoma City, traveling through Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio 20 hours,  arriving at their destination in Taylor, Michigan at 3:00 am on June 22.

The group weighed in on the morning of June 22, then spent the rest of the day seeing new sites.  They visited Lake Eerie and Lake Huron in the afternoon.  That evening they took a giant bridge into Canada, and later took a tunnel under Lake Huron to return to the United States.

Greco competition was held on June 23.  Ethan Selanders, at Bantam 55 lbs., wrestled to win 4th place.  Chris Shea competed at Cadet 171 lbs., winning 1st place and becoming the first National Champion to come from Bluejay Pride Wrestling.

The morning of June 24 began the freestyle competition.  Ethan Selanders wrestled to 3rd place.  Chris Shea, after injuring his ribs, was pulled from the competition by Coach White, but not before reaching 4th place.

The big surprise was Coach Orndorff, entering at Masters 185 lbs.  The opponent in the finals match, who had injured an ankle during the Greco competition, was unable to continue wrestling, thereby forfeiting the National Championship to Coach Orndorff.

The group decided to forego the collegiate competition and take 2 days to return home.  They decided to stop in St. Louis to see the sights.  The group was treated like royalty all through St. Louis, particularly when given a free trip to the top of the St. Louis Arch.  After arriving at the top, it was announced over the PA system that "Championship Team Oklahoma" was at the top of the arch.

The group then visited the City Museum.  This is both a museum of VARIOUS types, as well as a giant playground for children and adults alike.

The next morning, the group headed home, but not before stopping to swim in a crystal clear river just inside Missouri.  This was a great ending to the Wrestling season!!!