2005 YMCA State Championships

On January 22, 2005 Bluejay Pride Wrestling loaded up and left for Blackwell, Oklahoma to wrestle in the YMCA State Championships.  The group consisted of 5 coaches, 6 board members, and what seemed to be an infinite number of parents, grand-parents, and fans, all gathered at Loves at 5:30 am to "convoy" to the event.

Wrestling began at 9:00 am, and Guthrie was everywhere.  Coaches were moving from mat to mat, winning match after match.  Then the consolation finals and finals arrived.  There was royal blue and white everywhere as Bluejay Pride wrestlers entered into 21 separate finals matches, resulting in 21 state placers.

First the consolation finals matches came.  Thirteen wrestlers, resulting in six fourth placers, and seven third placers.  Then the finals.  Eight wrestlers remained.  Guthrie lost three in a row, resulting in three state runner-ups.  Tension was high, nerves were on edge, and the Bluejay Pride wrestlers and coaches were relaxed and confident.  That's right;  relaxed and confident.  Prepared, focused, and on top of the situation.

The last five matches were done in a flash.  Second year wrestler Zane Winkelman (Div. 2, 64 lbs.) pinned his opponent to win his first State Championship, and second consecutive state placing.  First year wrestler Mildren Montgomery (Div. 2, 83 lbs.) pinned his opponent to win his first State Championship.  Second year wrestler Blake Pruitt (Div. 4, 105 lbs.) pinned his opponent to win his first State Championship and second consecutive state placing.

Then came Division 5.  The final 2 matches.  The older and more experienced wrestlers, Cole Orndorff (110 lbs.) and Josh Taft (142 lbs.).  Orndorff pinned his opponent to win his third State Title, and ninth consecutive state placing.  Taft pinned his opponent to win his fourth State Title, and fifth consecutive state placing.

These wins topped off the point earnings of Cory Cummings (2nd at 94 lbs.), John Cotton (4th at 102 lbs.), Alfred Ratcliff (4th at 118 lbs.), Davis Bradley (3rd at 126 lbs.), and John Kane (3rd at 185 lbs.) to earn Guthrie the Division 5 State runner-up team trophy.