2007 Olympic Season Accomplishments


The Olympic Wrestling season has been a busy one for Bluejay Pride Wrestling. On April 7, and again on April 14, Bluejay Pride did something no one has done in Oklahoma in many years...hosted AAU Kids tournaments, which consisted of young wrestlers in Tot, Bantam, Midget and Novice competing in all 3 styles of wrestling at the Logan County Fairgrounds in Guthrie. The Bluejay Wrestlers who competed fared well, and all wrestlers attending the tournament got in anywhere from 9 to 21 matches in the 3 styles combined. The team expects to host another AAU Kids tournament on may 12, as well as an AAU Super Regional Tournament on June 1 & 2.

Jeremiah Hembree

Seth Thomason

Tyler Porter

Prior to the beginning of each discipline (or style) of wrestling, a moves clinic was instructed by Coach Marcio White, veteran wrestlers Cole Orndorff and John Kane, and new wrestler Michael Baxter. After the completion of each clinic, wrestlers were afforded the opportunity to practice what they had just learned, as well as to ask questions and talk to the clinic instructors. In the true spirit of the AAU Wrestling motto "Where the Path Begins", every wrestler who attended learned something about the sport, had alot of quality mat time, and had an enjoyable day at the tournament.

Cole - Arm Turk

Marcio - beat by a kid !

Cole - Leg Lace

One of the USA Wrestling tournaments that some of the wrestlers have attended this season was the Noble USA Tournament for Kids through Juniors. 2 of our Bluejay Pride wrestlers attended this tournament, and wrestled well. Younger wrestler Tyler Porter and older wrestler Michael baxter, both first year wrestlers, competed in both Greco-Roman and Freestyle at the tournament with some success. Both had their first opportunity to utilize their throws and other moves in a live tournament.

Michael Baxter

Tyler Porter

Michael Baxter Again!

While at the Noble tournament we got the opportunity to watch former Bluejay Pride Wrestler Dennis Murphy, who has moved to Shawnee, compete in both Greco-Roman and Freestyle. Coaches White and Orndorff were also afforded the opportunity to coach our old friend from Kingfisher, Chad Kochenower. Chad is deaf, and the referees have to take special measures to start and stop the matches when he is wrestling. He is an amazing young man, and we are hoping that he will join us on our trips this summer...he would make a nice addition to the Junior Olympic team!

Chad Kochenower

Dennis Murphy

Chad Kochenower Again!

Another USA tournament that we have attended so far this season is the Junior National Dual team qualifier at Tulsa Union. Corey Cummings and Alfred Ratcliff wrestled with quite a bit of success at the tournament, despite having only attended 1 practice prior to the tournament. Alfred had just gotten his doctors release from his torn ACL (he did it during Football season), and Corey was being lazy and couldn't stand the other guys talking about wrestling all of the time without his being there!

Corey Cummings

Alfred Ratcliff

Corey Cummings Again!

Corey won some matches in freestyle, and hit a couple of really nice throws in Greco.

Corey Throwing!

Corey Throwing Again!

Corey Throwing Again!

Alfred learned Freestyle the hard way, and threw some pretty impressive throws in Greco, placing second in Greco to qualify for the National Dual Team!

Calm Down Alfred!

Alfred Power!

Alfred at takedowns

2 of our veteran competitors also attended the Junior National Dual team qualifier at Tulsa Union. John Kane and Cole Orndorff competed at the tournament, both amassing quite a few wins in both styles, as well as MANY throws between them!

Cole for the Pin!

John working Top!

Cole working Legs!

John Kane wrestled exceptionally in both styles, but the big thrill came when he launched the current state champion Cody Dauphin, and even had him pinned, only 1 second too late!

John throwing Dauphin!

John pinning Dauphin!

John scoring 2!

Cole Orndorff had a great day, winning several matches in each style, and winning first place in Greco-Roman to qualify for the USAW National Dual Team and the USAW National Championships. Cole threw an extremely high number of throws, including two 5 pointers which resulted in pins!

Cole for 5 and a Pin!

Cole having fun!?!

Cole again for a 5 & Pin!

We got to see our old Team Oklahoma teammate and friend Austen Phillips, and Coaches White and Orndorff got to coach his matches!

Austen for 2!

Austen on Top!

Austen again for 2!

We had times for relaxing, times for focusing, and times for breathing hard!

John is relaxed!

Corey is focused!

Cole is breathing hard!

We had times for playing, and finally, a time to show off our Dual team contracts and awards, and finally a time to leave!

Alfred talks Wrestling!?!

Dual Team Contracts!

Awards! Let's leave now!